I want to export the log data from Smart B-Trainer app to Strava service.

Try the steps below.

To use this function, you need to sign on to Strava service.

  1. Start Smart B-Trainer app and select "Settings" -> "Running App Link".
  2. Confirm the "Conditions" of using "Running App Link" function and tap "Strava" menu.
  3. Sign in to Smart B-Trainer app.
    * If you have already signed in Smart B-Trainer app, this step will be skipped.
  4. Sign in to Strava service.
    * If you have already signed in Strava service, this step will be skipped.
  5. Select "Authorize" from the "Running App Link" menu of Strava.
  6. Export of log data to Strava service will begin after synchronizing with Smart B-Trainer server.
  • - It will take up to about 2 hours to reflect log data
  • - Exported data displayed by Strava service may be different from Smart B-Trainer app due to difference in specifications.
  • - This function is available in the following environments.
    App (Android/iOS): Ver.1.11 or later (Android OS version 4.4 or later/iOS version 8 or later)

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