Preparation / Part names

Prepare the app and device before using Smart B-Trainer.

Part names

name of product
name of app

Download the app

Download and install "Smart B-Trainer" from the App Store or Google Play depending on your smartphone.

* After installing the app, you must set up the sport device (SSE-BTR1) and app.

App icon

function image Connect by touching with NFC.

If your smartphone supports NFC, you can automatically download the app simply by touching your smartphone with your sport device (SSE-BTR1). After downloading the app, you can easily pair your smartphone with the sport device by also using NFC.

* Depending on your device or operating system, NFC may not function properly.

Application preparation and attaching the sports device

App icon

After starting the installed app, the Terms of Service and brief explanation of the product will appear. Then after, setup will begin.

At the setup screen, check 1) if the devices are paired, 2) the sport device is fit in your ears, and 3) if your heart rate can be measured.

If you can measure your heart rate, enter your profile to complete the setup.

function image How to properly wear the sport device (Image)

step1 image arrow image step2 image arrow image step3 image arrow image step4 image
App icon

function image If you cannot measure your heart rate

This product uses a sensor to measure your heart rate from the outer part of your ear canal. The ear piece and heart rate sensor cover may not fit the shape of your ear out-of-the-box, and as a result, your heart rate measurement may not be accurate.

After making the initial setup, your heart rate can be measured from the "Device Information" menu.

Use network (sign in) function

How to Image

You can back up your training status, result, or voice memo on the network storage

If you use back up function, you can transfer your data to a new smartphone, or refer to the same data from multiple devices

*During data back up or transfer, very large amount of data transmission may occur according to the amount of the data. It is recommended to use WiFi to make back up.

Basic settings of the app

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Tap the menu icon on the upper left of the app to display the menu. From this menu, various options ("Training Menu", "History", "Device Information", "Settings", etc.) can be operated, selected, viewed and set.

Transfer music

How to Image

The sport device comes preset with sample songs but you can transfer your own songs to use when training.

Instructions on transferring songs (*The steps may differ depending on the operating system of your computer)

In order to use the automatic music selection feature during training, after transferring the songs, select "Device Information" > "Retrieve song information" to retrieve tempo information of your songs.

Charge the sport device (SSE-BTR1)

How to Image

Before training., make sure to charge the device. Insert the right headphone to USB cradle (included) to charge the device. While charging, the power indicator LED button will light up in orange and will turn off when the device is fully charged.

App icon

function image When to charge the battery

When the battery level is low, the area around the power button of the sport device will blink in green and orange alternately. * If the power of the device is unexpectedly turned off while data is being read, data may get corrupted. Please make sure to check the battery status before training. * You can also check the battery status from the "Device Information" menu.


Customize/Select your training menu on the app and transfer it to the device.

Set your goal

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Any of left swipe on the application home screen or "Your goals" in the drawer menu, you can set your new goals. You can set your goal in just 3 steps and after your training, let's check current achievement for your goals.

Select training

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From the "Training menu" of the app menu, select the training menu that best meets your goals.

In addition to "basic training menus" where you can set your running goals (time, distance, calories burned, pace, etc.) for a certain training day and utilize heart rate training, "Training Plans by Professional Trainer" are available which are special training courses designed for individual goals, fitness levels and to improve training/athletic performance.

Basic training menu

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Select your goal and train (Basic training menu)

Provides training menus that consider your heart rate such as efficient fat-burning and endurance building sessions based on training menus with set goals (running time, distance, calories burned, average pace, etc.) along with your profile. Training menus without any target goals ("Free") and with set target goals ("Custom settings") are also available.

Training Plans by Professional Trainer menu

For these plans, depending on the training menu selected, the training period and goals may need to be set. If the setting screen appears, configure according to the instructions of the app. For training plans which include audio coaching, the audio data may need to be downloaded before starting the training.

Transfer training menu

How to Image

After selecting the training menu and setting target goals, tap the "Transfer Training" button to transfer the training menu information to the sport device. The training information is transferred and once "Start training" appears on the screen, you are ready to train!

* In order to transfer training menu information, the sport device (SSE-BTR1) and app must be connected via Bluetooth.


After transferring your training menu, take only the device and start training outside!

Start training

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After transferring your training menu, take only the device and start training outside! Press the "Start" button on the sport device (SSE-BTR1) to begin your training session. Listening to music and receiving audio tips will make training more fun and efficient!

You can also start the training session from the app by selecting either "Start training" (located in the bottom of the training menu screen) or "Start" (on the app menu).

Music playback and voice guidance during training

How to Image
How to Image

Voice guidance / Audio coaching*

While a training menu is in progress, vocal guidance/coaching periodically provides information such as your current heart rate and distance run. Audio guidance can be received anytime by tapping the "POWER/INFO" button of the sport device (SSE-BTR1).

In the Training Plans by Professional Trainer menus, a professional coach provides training tips with audio guidance, allowing for more efficient training.

* Audio coaching is only available for certain training menus

How to Image How to Image

Automatic music selection and playback according to your heart rate.*

While training and recording your running log, your heart rate is calculated in real-time and together with your user profile, target heart rate of the training menu and other factors, music is automatically selected and played back. The intensity level of the training session can be changed by pressing and holding the App icon / App icon buttons of the sport device (SSE-BTR1). button of the sport device (SSE-BTR1). You can move between songs (go to the next song or previous song) using the App icon / App icon buttons of the sport device (SSE-BTR1).

* The training intensity can also be changed from the App icon / App icon on the app.

* Audio coaching is only available for certain training menus.

* Audio BPM analysis function is enabled by Sony 12TONE ANALYSIS technology.

Using your smartphone while training

App icon

Real-time review

By connecting the sport device (SSE-BTR1) and app, various information that is measured in real-time can be monitored while you are training. You can also select the tempo for the automatic music selection by selecting App icon / App icon on the screen.

App icon

Music playback during training

If you carry your smartphone together with the sport device, you can listen to music stored on your smartphone on the sport device using the Bluetooth function. By tapping the "BLUETOOTH/SELECT" button of the sport device (SSE-BTR1), you can switch between playing songs stored in the sport device and songs stored in your smartphone.

App icon

Receive voice calls using the Bluetooth function

If you receive a voice call on your smartphone while training, you can answer the call by pressing the "POWER/INFO" button of the sport device (SSE-BTR1). You can end the call by pressing the "POWER/INFO" button once more. If you cannot answer the call, press and hold the [INFO] button.

Useful functions during training

How to Image

auto-pause function

It pauses the training session automatically when you stop running at the traffic signal or so.This auto-pause function reduces your operation to pause/start every time, and make it possible to collect genuine training data.

Click here to check how to set up auto-pause

How to Image

Voice memo

If you press and hold the "MEMO" button of the sport device (SSE-BTR1), an audio guidance will occur and you will be able to record your own voice. You can record ideas and thoughts that you come up with while running.

*change of the setting will not be reflected until you transfer training menu. When you change the setting, please make sure to transfer the training menu.

How to Image

Volume control of voice guidance

In case it is difficult to hear the voice coaching or distance, you can adjust the volume from the setting of the app menu.

Click here to check how to adjust the volume of the audio guidance

*You need to connect sports device to the app to adjust the setting.

Finish/Temporary stop training

How to Image

To finish your training workout, press and hold the "START" button of the sport device (SSE-BTR1). To take a break while training, tap the "START" button. Tap the "START" button again to resume training.

* To make sure that your running log is saved, press and hold the "START" button to finish your training workout. By tapping the "START" button, you can pause your training workout. You can resume your training workout by tapping the "START" button again.

* The training workout can be completed or paused also from "Swipe to pause" operation of the app.

App icon

auto-pause function

You can enable/disable the auto posing feature by changing the setting under "Settings" > "Auto pose settings" of the app menu and transferring the training menu again.

*The setting is not changed until you transfer the training menu. After changing the setting, make sure to transfer the training menu.

Transfer data after finishing the training session

How to Image

Upon completing your training, if you connect your sport device (SSE-BTR1) and the app, voice memos and other data will be transferred to the app. If you check "Do not show again" in the dialog that appears when transferring data, data will be transferred automatically whenever you connect the sport device and app.

* In order to transfer data quickly, a message indicating that communication between the notification area of your smartphone and the sport device (SSE-BTR1) was disconnected will appear. The data transfer will be automatically reconnected so please do not operate the app or sport device (SSE-BTR1) until the data transfer is completed.

* If training results cannot be transferred to the Android app, tap the App icon icon next to "Device Information" of the app menu to reconnect the app and sport device.


Check training results on maps, graphs and from other various angles.

Check training results

How to Image

Summary of training results

When you transfer training results to the app, the training results will appear on screen. You can check the running route, running time, average pace, calories burned and number of steps in one screen.

How to Image

Comparison graph

While checking the running route, you can display a graph that displays 2 items ("pace", "elevation", "heart rate", "strides" or "pitch") at the same time. You can deselect an item by tapping it.

How to Image
How to Image

Lap times

Displays running times for each lap (1 km) and the difference between each while training. By comparing the times needed to run the same distance, you can look back at your training pace.

You can compare two activity logs. When you compare your most recent time and previous time on the same course, you can measure your improvement.

How to Image

Music playlist

Songs that were played during the training session are displayed in a playlist. Music icons are displayed on the route map allowing you to know where each song was played during your training workout.

Share results on social networks

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By selecting the App icon icon, you can share your training results with friends and family on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

* Social networks that can be used depend on the usage status of your device.

Next Step

Check your past results. Improve every day.

Check your goal & progress

How to Image

Your goals and progress

Any of left swipe on the application home screen or "Your goals" in the drawer menu, your goals and its progress are displayed graphically.(10 goals(max.)) Your training result is reflected to the achievement and make your goal closer. Your progress makes you motivate for the training. After accomplish your goal, the app also celebrate your goal.

Compare results with previous training data

How to Image

Training history and list

Previous training data can be viewed in a list from "History" in the app menu. From the icons at the top, you can sort training item data such as running distance, running time, calories burned, average steps, average pace and average heart rate or display them in a calendar view.

View best training scores

How to Image

Check your best scores to step up

Tapping the App icon option menu icon found in the upper right of the app home screen and selecting "Best" will display your best training records (Longest distance run, most calories burned, highest average pace and fastest kilometer time). After checking your best training records, set your next goal and training plan.

More fun

Other fun ways to use Smart B-Trainer.

Use as a music player

How to Image

Music player

Aside from training purposes, the sport device (SSE-BTR1) can also be used as a standalone music player.

Instructions on transferring songs (*The steps may differ depending on the operating system of your computer)

Use while swimming

How to Image

The sport device (SSE-BTR1J) has a waterproof grade equivalent to IPX5/IPX8. Sweat from running can be washed away without any problems and usage when swimming is also possible.

* When using while swimming, make sure to use the underwater ear piece. The underwater ear piece prevents water from entering the driver part of the Smart B-Trainer headphone and also audio clarity from regressing. Usage underwater is limited to listening to music stored on the device.

* IPX5/IPX8 (IEC 60529) or equivalent:Under our test conditions, this product maintained its operability even when submersed in water to a depth of 2.0 m for 30 minutes with the swimming earbuds attached. Bluetooth® and some measurement functions (heart rate, atmospheric pressure, GPS, etc.) do not work correctly when this device is used in water. When you are swimming or otherwise using the device in the water, only the music playback function is available.